I am struggling to deposit, what can I do?

Your bank or payment method provider will have their own rules governing which transactions they are able to authorise. Here are some suggestions, should you experience a declined deposit. Remember, our Customer Success team are on hand to help.

Card Deposits

Check how you input your card details: Did you enter the correct card number and CVV? On the card deposit page, you will see that the on-screen keypad has numbers out of sequence. This is an important security measure, but if you didn't notice you may have entered the wrong CVV.

CVV Input Panel

Try a different card: Certain banks may be more likely to decline payments. Try using a card from a different bank to see if this resolves the issue.

Try a lower amount: High-value payments can be seen as more risky, meaning they are more likely to be declined.

Has your address changed recently? If the address registered with your bank is different to the one that we hold on file, this can cause declined payments. Please contact us or your bank to update your address.

3D Secure: All our card transactions are covered by 3D secure. This means that you'll often be asked to authenticate a deposit using a One Time Passcode (OTP), confirm in your banking app, or complete some other process determined by your bank. Check your smartphone in case you've missed any notifications.

Have you attempted many transactions within a short timeframe?: This can be treated as a fraud risk by card processors. If you've had several successive deposits followed by some declines, it may be worth trying again in a few hours.

Try a different payment method: We offer multiple deposit and withdrawal methods to make it as easy as possible. This includes, crypto, E-wallet and some local payment options, depending upon where you live.

Local Bank Transfers

In certain countries we offer the ability to transfer funds directly from your bank account to another account, in your local currency. Some banks send such transfers immediately, others perform security checks & this can cause delays.

If funds have left your account, and you are waiting for your trading account balance to be updated, please get in touch to provide a proof of payment from your bank. This will help us to trace and allocate the funds quickly.

Other payment options

Please contact us. We will investigate the issue for you. If we cannot find a solution, we can suggest another Payment Method which works well in your country of residence.

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