How do I change my account details?

Things in life change, we get it. Sometimes you may need to update your account details with us, and we have made this simple and straightforward.

Changing Residential Address

If you have changed your residential address and wish to let us know, simply send us an email from the email address you have registered with us and before the change can be made you will be asked to pass security.

If you don't have access to your registered email address, please contact us live chat or via email at

Change my email address

We can certainly change your email address for you. However, for security purposes, we'll need you to confirm a few pieces of information via email. Please send us an email to confirming the below:

Old email account is currently registered under:

New email which you would like to change it to:


Full name:

Date of birth:

Trading account number

Once we've received the above we'll proceed with your request.

Changing my name

If you've changed your name and wish to let us know, you'll need to send us an email along with an attachment that confirms that your name has been legally changed.

If your name has changed as you have just got married (congratulations by the way!), then you'll need to send us an email to let us know along with a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

If you have changed your name for any other reason, you'll need to send us a deed of change of name to

Changing my password

Your password is yours and yours only so we can't change your password for you. If you'd like to change your client portal password, please click on 'Forgot Password' on the log in page. If you don't know your MT4 password, please email us at and we'll provide you with a temporary one as well as the steps for you to change it to a password of your own.

Change my phone number

If you've changed your phone number, please email us confirming your old number, the new number to switch it to, and we'll make the change. We may also call you to confirm the number is owned by you. 

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